2017 Proxies

Had a boo-boo (couple of them actually) with Proxy Forms. Some mine, some more some other bloke’s.

The correct version is at http://bmwor.org.nz/downloads/Proxy2017.pdf

However, if you have been incredibly organised and already posted one of the flawed versions, so long as it was headed “Proxy Vote AGM 2017” it would be reasonable to assume there would be a bit of latitude. If you still have apprehensions, by all means send another (correct) version: the Secretary has more than enough nous to work out what’s happening if you do. ;-D

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About the Register

kevnpaul_2The BMW Owners Register Inc. of NZ is a national motorcycle club catering for anyone who has an interest in BMW motorcycles, old and new. There are weekly and monthly gatherings in all regions, with major rallies for the whole club organized throughout the year. A monthly newsletter is also distributed containing many interesting stories, articles and details of upcoming rides and rallies. BMWOR actively organises and supports many motorcycle events.

For more information, see the “About BMWOR” page.

Upcoming Events

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Motorcycle Safety – Road Safety Initiatives

“The Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC) is inviting motorcyclists to take a short survey to help prioritise initiatives to make motorcycling safer.

MSAC works to ensure the motorcycle safety levy is spent on initiatives that will make riding on New Zealand roads safer. Currently the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is prioritising roads and roadside funding – something MSAC is keen to see.

You can find the survey at further down this page .”

Kind regards and many thanks,
Jo Buckner
Canterbury Area Rep | MSAC Member



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Herding Cats

Well, I didn’t know this would work until I tried. Here are Auckland members departing Waipu after lunch at the Pizza Barn.

Lead rider Tony has my sympathy: I know how diabolical bikers can be to organise… .

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2017 Rally

Screenshot from 2016-06-21 21-57-45There is a downloadable Registration Form now available at:


Print it, fill it in, then either post it or scan and email to the address on the form.

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Impromptu Ride – Martinborough to Tora – Southern Wairarapa Coast


Monday 21 December was the start of the summer break for at least one member who had missed out on all of the Impromptu rides during the year. The day was fine and sunny with the promise of temperatures in the late 20s in the Southern Wairarapa, it did not disappoint getting to 27 degrees on the road between Martinborough and Featherston in the afternoon.

Four riders gathered at the Caltex Rimutaka for the 09:00 departure Dave O, Stephen O, Kevin B  and Peter N. The ride over the ‘Mountain’ was uneventful as was the ride through to Martinborough to meet up with Peter Tibbs and Paul Marshall. This was something of a new experience for Tibsy or an experience not enjoyed for decades – riding as a pillion passenger! Tibsy was currently ‘between’ bikes which he will no doubt explain at a future time.

This ride was essentially a re-introduction to gravel for 2 of our riders who are both booked to ride on Tibsy’s 10 day post National Rally tour of the South Island. The ride to Tora on the coast north of White Rock started with a ride up Dry River Road onto gravel for the ride through to White Rock Road. Stephen O took off ahead of the main bunch and took some great photos of the guys riding to go with the usual static pictures. We turned on to White Rock Road for the sealed ride to the Tora Road turn off. Tora road is pleasant hard packed relatively flat wide road down to the coast ideal for the re-introduction to gravel. The road was dusty and the wind wiped this up at times coating everything including the GoPro lens. The land is dry and it would not take much to start a massive fire.

Tibsy ‘s  eye witness account of a great escape  – While riding pillion on Dave O’s very nice R1200GS over a very interesting section of gravel road at a tidy clip I had the good luck to witness a great escape. Dave had taken on the role of tail end Charlie, and immediately in front of us was Paul M. Now Paul has ridden many thousands of km’s on the tar but never on gravel roads. Paul and I have spent some time discussing ways of riding on what some people these days would describe as the wild side of riding.

Now I am watching Paul getting along on his R80RT at a very good pace thinking you are doing very well Paul but don’t forget what we have been talking about, when all of a sudden Paul ran off the road half way through a downhill right hander. Paul took to the long acre. The going here was pretty rough. The grass was close to two feet tall and thick. There was no show in seeing what the bike was running over. The R80RT started leaping in the air and rapidly getting very untidy. Grass and lumps of dirt were flying in all directions. I thought Paul you have about 2 seconds before the faring and luggage start flying off your bike. You better start thinking about what we have been talking about. Well Paul told me later a switch went on in his brain and raced him back to our chat. Message was to pour all the power on and just look at where he needed his bike to go. What do you know that is just what Paul did and the R80 came round headed back to the gravel and back on track. I never once saw the brake light come on. Paul achieved something here that only a pro could do. His luggage celebrate being back on the gravel by bursting open. Paul dived into a left hander without backing off the throttle fully aware that his luggage was wide open. He brought the R80 to a stop closed up the luggage and took off down the gravel road like the robber’s dog in pursuit of the other riders.

It is amazing what you can see while riding as a pillion, now all we need is to get Tibsy trained up to use a video camera and these little gems would be there for all to share!

The road follows the coast south to the Tora Farm Settlement the coast is rocky and rugged there was a group of young guys in wet suits, they looked to be consuming some of their catch so the fishing is probably very good.

Tibsy rode back from the coast with Peter N on the F650 GS (800) having the extra weight on the back made the bike more stable on the gravel. We worked well as a team I set the bike up into a corner and Tibsy helped straighten up on the exit this could become a new competitive sport imagine racing around the Isle of Man 2 up and swapping rider and passenger at each pit stop, doesn’t bare thinking about!

The ride back to Martinborough and lunch at Toppy’s Café was uneventful on a great sealed road and no traffic and it can easily be seen how these roads unfortunately bring out the hoon in some riders. Lunch at Toppy’s is good value with a large coffee and a sandwich costing $9.00. After lunch the Wellington members returned over the ‘Mountain’ in moderate traffic the writer took the option to ride over the Moonshine Road just to top off a great days riding with the home to home distance being 270kms.

Peter Nash    (Images, Stephen Oatley)


Below: Dave O with his new bit(ch) on the back, Petranella Tibbs.


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Tibsy’s Load of Bull – Impromptu Ride

Dramatis Personae: L to R – Bill Ackland, Peter Tibbs, Paul Marshal.

Nov 2 1979

Impromptu ride. With Peter Nash being committed to another task, I was lucky enough to lead an impromptu ride in the sunny Wairarapa on Monday 2nd November. Bill Ackland Paul Marshall and I spent most of the day riding the back roads of the Wairarapa. I left home and rode to Carterton where I met up with Paul. We both made good time riding south to Featherston where we teamed up with Bill who had ridden over the Rimutaka’s to join us. The three of us set off down the western arm of Lake Wairarapa. Good road with no traffic until we came upon two farmers each on quad bikes doing their best to herd a massive bull along the side of the road. This bull was a big boy and I mean a big boy. Having managed to make it past this wild eyed bull it was back up to the speed limit. But wait what is that up ahead, another farmer on a quad with the big fellows’ big brother. Now this guy was one of the biggest bulls I’ve seen and I’ve seen a few. I could tell from the way he was moving he was not happy for one his backside was covered in bull sh….t. I suspect as a result of the cattle prodder the farmer had jammed up the big boys a….se while getting him out of his paddock and onto the long acre. I managed to get quietly by but he was not happy. A look in the mirror proved just how unhappy he was as he squared up to Paul on his R80RT. I was watching this very closely in my mirror. The big boy hadn’t started pawing the ground which meant he was going to let Paul past or just make a straight out charge and sweep Paul and the R80 right off the road and into history. I thought about the first aid kit I carry in the top-box. There wouldn’t be much point in getting it out today. However the bull let Paul past with nothing more than an evil eye offered. Bill held back and let the bull settle down a bit before he was brave enough to try and run the gauntlet. All three of us are back on the throttle across the causeway separating Lake Wairarapa and Lake Ferry then onto Martinborough with a quick stop here 10 minutes for a coffee which turned into about 45 minutes with all the stories. Then back on the bikes riding through the back roads to the Gladstone area. All the guys that are made each year in this district to celebrate guy fawkes were on display. We rode over the Kourarau Hill where a friend of mine lives. We spotted his guy. This year he had a drunk sitting in a wheelchair surrounded with what look like bottles of Ballantine’s Finest EST. 1827 all empty I bet.

Nov 2 1980

My friend is not one to be caught out twice. A few years back he put together a decent effort as far as guys go. He dressed his guy in a very smart dinner suit and by the time he had his guy all done and dusted it was early evening. Not to be put off by the hour he took his guy out to the road gate and positioned him for all to see. Feeling very pleased with his efforts he retired for the night. He was up at first light the next day settled into a good farmer’s breakfast then out to the gate to admire his handy work. Shock horror there stood his guy for all to see naked as a newborn. Now one thing is for sure someone in the Wairarapa has a very smart dinner suit hanging in their wardrobe in Monty’s size.

Back on the road. We rode through great twisties to Te Wharau … .

Nov 2 1971

… and then back tracked through Westmere and out to Motumatai where we inspected an old decommissioned bridge built in 1916 used to get supplies from the coast to Masterton.

Nov 2 1972

This bridge spans a deep ravine and I don’t mind telling you all three of us were happy to get off this bridge and back onto terra firma. From here it was a ride through the back country and back into the main Wairarapa valley to Carterton were the three of us stopped off at the Wild Oats for a drink and a bite to eat. A few more stories were told before we each made our own way home.

Another great day out. Good riding, good guys, good fun.


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Impromptu Ride – Mataikona – Wairarapa  Coast

Friday 21 August was a fine day as predicted by the weather gods from earlier in the week. An email was sent out on the morning of Wednesday 19 August inviting Wellington Members, who were available, to join Peter Tibbs and Peter Nash on an Impromptu Ride to Mataikona which is North of Castle Point.

Several members responded but were all unavailable due to other commitments so Peter N rode over the ‘Mountain’ and on to Tibsy’s home where a quick coffee was consumed and then we departed. The ride took us up the Masterton – Stronvar Road turning left into Te Parae Road which is gravel, narrow and winding – perfect.  Te Parae Road leads on to the Masterton  Castlepoint Road which we followed to the left turn at Whakataki on to  the Mataikona Road for the ride North along the coast. At the start of this road we stopped for a leg stretch and a local stopped and told us the road was unsealed which we already new the interesting part being the open half consumed bottle of beer sitting on the dash of his Ute. The thought passed through the writers mind to listen out for the banjo’s playing as we continued on the ride.

The Mataikona Road follows the coast and is very scenic with some unusual rock formations that Tibsy noted was due to the presence of a fault line. A number of holiday homes are sited along the road which used to link up with the Tinui Valley Road but the latest information indicated that the local Council had closed the link because it had fallen into disrepair. We continued until the road started to go inland so we turned around and retraced our ride back out for a lunch stop at the Whakataki Pub. The food in this Pub is pretty good well worth another visit in the future. Whilst in the Pub one of the locals told us that link through to the Tinui Valley Road is still open and usable so that will form the basis of another ride in the future.

The ride back to Tibsy’s home was along the Masterton  Castlepoint Road another coffee was enjoyed with Peter and Ann departing for home and joining the increasing volume of traffic travelling south over the ‘Mountain’ meant a 2 hour ride home.

This was another ride that could have been enjoyed by both seal and gravel riders with the seal riders riding out on the Masterton Castlepoint Road and continuing on to Castlepoint linking back up for lunch at the Whakataki Pub.  For the two Peters this was an enjoyable days riding to a scenic part of the Wairarapa Coast somewhat off the beaten track and well worth the effort, for Peter N it was a 350km home to home ride.

Below: Tibsy gets in the way as Peter Nash tries to get a clear shot of his own bike.


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BMWOR FLickr Photos Site Now Operating

BMWOR Photos


Register photos are now being displayed on Flickr. Click the screenshot above to view them (will open in a new tab.)

Want to submit some of your photos? Peter Bath is curating the site, his guidelines from the August Newsletter are posted below:


The hosting site Flickr, is intended for members to share original photos and video that they themselves have created. We can’t really upload anything that isn’t ours. By submitting a picture for upload you are in fact gifting it and the rights to it to the club so that it can become ours. You therefore need to have personally taken or own the photos that you submit. Photos collected or copied from around the internet (e.g. a great pic of Michael Dunlop riding to victory in the Isle of Man on his S1000RR) can’t be uploaded onto our site unless one of our members actually took it themselves. (It will be possible to share other interesting photos found on the internet through the Forum site)
To maintain some uniformity and enhance viewing pleasure (especially those viewing slideshows) the following file size is required:1024×768 (“Large” Windows Explorer resize) greater than 1 MB is getting too large (in JPEG format) Photos to be emailed to –
Photos on USB memory sticks posted to – BMWOR NZ, P O Box 109-245, Newmarket, Auckland, 1149 (No video will be uploaded to Flickr at this stage)

Photo files pertaining to a ride or event need to be grouped into a set/album and each set/album given a – Area code – (NLD, AUK,BOP, ECO, RAN, WEL, MRL, NEL, CAN, OTA etc.) (groups from different areas could do the same ride e.g. the Molesworth) Brief name – for ride/event Date- (same ride/event may be repeated annually) (When selection for an album takes place, this will be done on the basis of what is learnt fromviewing stats)
Title/caption given to photo by renaming the pic file (Once uploaded more details can be provided by the person submitting it by their adding a comment from within Flickr)
Lastly, you need to indicate who you would like to be able to view the photo: Public – anyone in the wide world if the web who comes across it on Flickr (through open search engines) Friends/Family only – present and past members of BMWOR NZ only. This selection will be made much easier if it is for the whole set/album rather than for individual photos in the set.
If photos are submitted according to the above, we will do our best to get them uploaded with the minimum of delay.
Peter B


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